For One Week: Playback Harriet Scott Chessman on West Coast Live

If you missed Harriet Scott Chessman's November 23rd appearance on San Francisco's West Coast Live with Sedge Thomson, for the next week or so you can hear the broadcast online via the "Local Music Player" page of KALW 91.7 FM.

Chessman and Thomson's wonderful, roving conversation touches on the Vietnam War, writing as an act of resurrection, writing as vocation, Thomas Merton, the novel as contemplation, life’s impossibilities, and T.S. Eliot! Also included is Chessman's sublime reading from the opening of The Beauty of Ordinary Things.

The whole two-hour broadcast makes for very enjoyable listening, with a fascinating lineup of thinkers, authors, and musicians. The Chessman portion begins around the 24-minute mark, just after Thomson's story of couch-hunting with Doris Lessing.(!)