Bibliomancy: Anne Carson

Bibliomancy collects insights and observations about the marvels of the reading and writing life, words that could aptly describe the reasons Atelier26 exists.
"After a story is told there are some moments of silence. Then words begin again. Because you would always like to know a little more. Not exactly more story. Not necessarily, on the other hand, an exegesis. Just something to go on with. After all, stories end, but you have to proceed with the rest of your day. ... Having held you in my company so long, I find I do have something to give you. Not the mysterious, intimate and consoling data you would have wished, but something to go on with, and in all likelihood the best I can do. It is simply the fact, as you go down the stairs and walk in dark streets, as you see forms, as you marry or speak sharply or wait for a train, as you begin imagination, as you look at every mark, simply the fact of my eyes in your back."--from Carson's Plainwater (pp.88-90)

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