Wall of Obscurity!

Copious bibliophilic thanks to everyone who stopped by the Atelier26 booth at Wordstock this past weekend. And an especial shout-out to those who pledged their solidarity with the honorably obscure by signing the Wall of Obscurity.

Congratulations to Evan and Scott, whose names were plucked from the hat in our Wordstock drawings, and each of whom wins an Atelier26 book or t-shirt.

What is this Wall of Obscurity business, you ask?

For answer, we give the floor to Rainer Maria Rilke, whose second self Malte Laurids Brigge implores:

Young person anywhere, in whom something is rising up that causes you to shiver, make use of the fact that no one knows you. And if they contradict you—those who take you for a nobody; and if they give you up completely—those with whom you would associate; and if they pretend you don’t exist on account of your dear ideas: what is this clear danger, which holds you together inside yourself, compared to the cunning hostility of later fame, which makes you impotent by scattering you? Beg no one to speak of you, not even contemptuously. And when time goes by and you mark your name coming around amongst people, take it no more seriously than everything else you find in their mouths. Think: it has become poorly. And put it away from you. Take another name, any, so that God can call you in the night. And hide it from everyone. (transl. M. Allen Cunningham)

Bon Courage,